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Francesca Merano

Francesca is a second-generation woman in tech and has been tinkering with computers since the age of 8.

She is the Associate Director of Engineering at XWP, where they build a better web at enterprise scale. Her focus is on the professional growth of the engineering team, made of over seventy people from around the world.

She has been active in the open source project since 2015: She served as the Community Team and the Core Team global representative and co-led the release of 5.3 and 5.4.

Francesca frequently tackles complex projects that require unraveling and a good dose of blue-sky thinking. She promotes transparency as a good communication practice within any organization she works with.

She has an exceptional ability to form business relationships with suppliers, partners, customers, and other financial institutions.
With a career spanning more than twenty-five years in industries as varied as aviation, automotive, medical, and software development, she’s managed people, projects, products (both physical and digital), and processes.


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