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Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer Bourn, a seasoned entrepreneur with 24 years of diverse professional experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her journey, which includes roles as an in-house designer, agency designer, freelancer, contractor, partner, and employer, encapsulates a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial ventures. A passionate advocate for crafting sustainable, profitable, and freedom-driven businesses, Jennifer draws from her extensive background, having transitioned from freelancing while pregnant to growing an agency to a team of five, and ultimately returning to freelancing to embrace the freedom of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Her professional focus lies in elevating personal brands and established organizations through a blend of creative strategy and technical execution, emphasizing brand voice, design, website copywriting, and content marketing. As a business coach, she guides creative freelancers in building robust, flexible, and consistently profitable businesses on their terms, offering a mix of coaching, consulting, training, and services. This dedication to entrepreneurial success extends to her recent role shift as the Chief Marketing Officer at Motivations AI, a story-based assessment company empowering brands like Motivation Code, Coach Factory, TruMotivate, and TruCenter.

Jennifer’s approach to work and life harmonizes the idea of living an unbalanced life, allowing either work or personal priorities to take precedence when necessary, ensuring a fulfilling and productive existence. Balancing her professional expertise, she values personal pursuits, from family road trips to exploring U.S. National Parks and maintaining a committed approach to health and fitness.

Her vibrant personality, marked by a love for a wide range of activities, from exercising to cooking, is a testament to her all-in, compulsively enthusiastic nature. Jennifer’s mission is not only to excel professionally but also to live an inspired, impactful life, sharing her insights and stories across various platforms while continuously seeking satisfaction in both work and play.


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