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Néstor Angulo de Ugarte

Néstor is a Software EngineerConsultant, and Photographer in España. He is a technology enthusiast, a photographer, and passionate about learning…

His passion for photography comes from his father who taught him the difference between taking a picture and capturing a moment in time, reflecting its soul… and how to fall in love with it.

His passion for technology comes from his mother who showed him how an Amstrad computer works, allowing him to print drawings made on it in a matricial printer.

Although he is based in Spain, you can find Néstor learning from other cultures and meeting people where there is an internet connection and a mug of coffee. He’s been working in Sucuri and GoDaddy WebSecurity since 2015 focusing on hackers, malware, and strange cases to study like a CSI, AKA Security Analyst.


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