Announcing The Great Big Give-Away

WPS Great Big Give-Away

Finally. Finally I get to blow the lid off with this announcement I’ve been sitting on for months. MONTHS!

I’m paying $2,000 to bring one VIP to WCSF.

I’m giving one (1) lucky VIP Member a $2,000 USD cash prize specifically so they can join me at WordCamp San Francisco 2014 (WCSF). For everyone in the US, this should be enough to pay for your entire trip. For everyone outside the US, well, it should pay a good chunk of the way to get you here.

After four years of talking myself out of going, in 2013 I attended WCSF for the first time. My experience was beyond amazing, and I want to offer the same opportunity to you. If you’re serious about building websites with WordPress, you’ll seriously want to attend WCSF!

I’m also buying 3 VIPs a full-year membership elsewhere.

In addition to the grand prize of this give-away, I’m also providing three (3) other VIPs with a full year membership to any other training site of their choice, up to $350 per membership. Yes, I will pay more than what you paid to become a VIP for a premium membership at Lynda, or Treehouse, or Tuts+, or whatever other site you’d like to join – even if it’s not strictly related to web development!

The only hard requirement is that the site offers some level of instruction or education in order to help you better yourself. And, if it’s a really awesome site, I might join, too!

Who can win?

This give-away is exclusively for VIP Members. Plus, with the VIP program currently capped at a max of 100 members, this means each VIP has a 1 in 25 chance (or better) of winning one of these awesome prizes.

This is just my way of saying “thank you” to all VIPs for putting their faith in me and what I hope to accomplish with WPSessions in the next year.

Not a member yet? There’s still time!

The drawing for this give-away will not happen until August 1st. Everyone who registers as a VIP Member by 11:59pm PST on July 31st, 2014 is eligible to win. So, if you haven’t registered already, register to be a VIP today!

Become a VIP Today!

Rules for Entry

This give-away is restricted to VIP Members only. All VIP Members are automatically registered to win, no additional purchase is necessary. Must be at least 18 years old at time of drawing to win. Open to all VIP Members, worldwide.

The grand prize cash prize will be disbursed only after winner submits flight and lodging receipts as proof of intent to travel. I earnestly want you join me at WCSF, that’s the whole point!

Read the full legal terms of the give-away.

Get The Word Out!

I’d appreciate it greatly if you would share your thoughts about the give-away on your blog, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your local meetup, and anywhere else you talk about WordPress. Feel free to use the hashtag #WPS2WCSF. This has no impact on your chances of winning (neither positively nor negatively), it would just be you taking some time to be awesome. Of course, if you promoted it using an affiliate link, it could put money back in your pocket (30% of all referrals, in fact, if you’re also a VIP member).

5 replies to “Announcing The Great Big Give-Away

  1. This is really cool Brian – the VIP membership is already a great deal, but to give away some prizes on top of all the sessions is amazing!

    • Thanks, Miles! I have very high hopes for the VIP program, and I’m so grateful for everyone who has joined without seeing the full picture that I see.

  2. If it’s no purchase necessary yet we need to be a VIP member to enter, how do we become a VIP without purchasing something?

    • Sorry the post was unclear. This give-away is only for VIPs, and they do not need to purchase anything additional to enter. Like I said above, this is just one way I could say “thanks” to every VIP who has faith that I can provide far greater value than what a membership costs in a year.

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