Join us for back-to-back WordPress Security events in May!

Do you sometimes worry about security vulnerabilities that affect your site, or sites you’re responsible for? How about hackers or spammers showing up in force trying to bring your site down?

Maybe you’re a developer, and you’re worried about the code you write, unwittingly putting other people at risk.

This month, with help from – and thanks to – iThemes Security, Sucuri Security, and Siteground, we’ll be diving head-first into understanding, preventing, and fixing security problems with your sites, themes, and plugins.

Our goal is to help you put your concerns to bed so that you can rest easy at night.

On May 17, we’re running “Security for Site Owners” where you can join Dre Armeda, Jason Cosper, and Daniel Kanchev and learn about the preventative measures you can take to protect against attacks and also what tools and resources are available to you in order to recover from attacks.

On May 31, we’re running “Security for Developers” where you can join Chris Wiegman, Brad Williams, and Tony Perez and learn about what types of vulnerabilities exist, how they can be exploited, how you can prevent them in the code you write, and, finally, how to actually clean an infected site from start-to-finish.

Here’s a video where I explain it all in limited detail:

You can save 20% on each session if you buy your ticket today. Click on the product banners below to get your ticket and learn more:

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