How Much Better is Better?

Over Memorial Day weekend this past May I paused for awhile to reflect on how much I had grown as a web developer in the past year. I thought about the investments I had made in myself: the conferences I attended, the books I read, the software I purchased, the sites I followed, the memberships I had acquired. I weighed each of those things and evaluated if they really helped me to become better, and how much better (if at all). When I was done I realized that something was missing, and that I probably could have learned more, spent less, and been even further ahead.

So, with that information in hand, I canceled several memberships that weren’t providing me with a good return on my investment. I dwelled on what next step I could take to best hone my skills, and learn about the exact topics I wanted to learn. In the end, the answer was clear: I needed a site like WPSessions.

I started WPSessions in June with a few small goals in mind. Not least of these was my desire to increase my own knowledge of creating websites – to create better websites. A close second to increasing my own knowledge was facilitating the growth of others. My rationale here is that a rising tide raises all ships. If I can find a way to make myself smarter, and also make everyone around me smarter, that can only mean good things for everyone.

With a tool like WPSessions, I found the exact solution I needed to my personal growth problem. I found a direct connection to WordPress experts from around the world, and I found the opportunity to not only increase my own skills, but the skills of those around me.

Ask yourself these questions…

If you’ve never taken the time to reflect on your growth and what brought you there, I encourage you to take a minute to do that now. It was of great benefit to me at the time, and I think it’s something I’ll make a habit of doing every December now. To help you get started, honestly ask yourself these four questions:

  • If you had learned some small, new thing each month for the past year, how much more would you know today?
  • How far would 12 powerful new skills take you and your business? How much more marketable and profitable would you be for your clients or employer?
  • Do you think you could earn another $500 for those skills? Another $1,000? Another $5,000?
  • At the very least, how much better do you think you would be at building and maintaining great websites?

What’s your next step?

As I said earlier, for me, the clear and definitive answer was that I needed a site like WPSessions. For you the next step coule be entirely different, and only you can know the answer to that.

If you’ll let me, though, I want to give you the exact opportunity I’ve just described above. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to greatly improve your skill-set over the next year. Specifically, I want to give you VIP access to the next 12 months of sessions here at and help you bolster your knowledge and marketable skills. I want to help you learn exactly the things you want to learn.

What’s  a VIP?

vip_pass As a VIP, you’re getting access the entirety of the next 12 months of sessions. Because you’re a VIP, you’ll have an opportunity to direct what we learn. In December, I’ll send you an email to help prioritize the topics we each want to learn and establish the session line-up from that. This perk is exclusive to VIPs — no one else will have this opportunity!

Plus, to help get you started on the right foot, I’m also giving you immediate access to all five of the previously recorded sessions.

What’s on the road map for the next year?

I’m glad you’ve asked! First, let me say that the next year of sessions have not been scheduled yet. And for our VIPs, this is a remarkable benefit. One of the beautiful things about an un-fixed schedule is that it’s flexible. This means we have the opportunity to change the lineup to best suit your needs. And that’s an opportunity that is exclusive to VIP members.

I have spoken with more than 40 WordPress experts, people you already know if you’ve spent any time in the WordPress community. Every one of them has expressed great interest in teaching something over the next year. And together we’ve loosely discussed some potential topics they might want to present, including:

  • Using Backbone.js with WordPress
  • Selling commercial themes and plugins
  • WordPress as a Web Application platform
  • WordPress and ecommerce
  • Security hardening and best practices
  • Using WP’s built-in APIs
  • WordPress and AJAX
  • Theme and Plugin Mastery courses
  • Building Membership Sites
  • Getting the most from your tools, and finding better tools
  • and others…

Don’t concern yourself too much with that list if you’re not interested in much of it. As a VIP, you get a say in what we learn and when we learn it.

What do you think?

To recap, I’m offering access to all five current sessions ($120) plus access to an entire year of new sessions (roughly $360). That’s $480-worth of instruction from the leading WordPress experts. For VIPs, though, the price is only $195. That is a savings of over $285 (a 60% discount!). And this awesome opportunity ends today.

To be clear: the VIP Pass will cease to exist after today. It’s not that the price is going up – you won’t be able to get it at all, period.

Really, all you have to ask yourself is, “How much is an entire year of untold growth and knowledge (plus increased performance and profitability) worth to me?”

If you do better with visuals, like myself, I’ve put everything in this easy-to-digest table:

Become a VIP!

Included Item Price
A full year of new sessions

  • 12 months of sessions, valued at $30/each
  • VIP-Exclusive Perk: You choose which topics are covered and when. No one else has this opportunity.
Bonus: WordPress Unit Testing

  • What is Unit Testing, and why is it important?
  • Getting started with Unit Testing
  • Writing your first Unit Test for PHP
  • Learning to Unit Test JavaScript
Bonus: WordPress Theme Bootcamp

  • Working with Icon Fonts
  • Embracing the Cascade
  • Sass and CSS pre-processing
  • Preparing Themes for Translation
  • Integrating the Theme Customizer
Bonus: Performance Driven Development

  • The why, when and how of caching
  • Working with better tools
  • WordPress on the Command Line
Bonus: Building a WordPress Business

  • Your First Hire
  • Your Team is Family
  • Successful Business Panel Discussion
Bonus: Building WordPress Plugins

  • Writing your first plugin
  • Creating a Settings Page
  • Working with the HTTP API
  • Submitting a plugin to
  • Providing Automatic Updates
$25 Free!
Regular Price $360
Included Bonuses $120
Subtotal $480
Immediate 60% Discount – $285
Grand Total $195

$480 $195 (an instant $285 in savings!)

Become a VIP!