VIP Prices Announced

wpsession_vipmember_thumbToday is the day! VIP Memberships are officially on sale.

For now they’re available by invitation only. I’ve already emailed my first 100 invitees with the opportunity to join. If you missed out on joining the invitation list, you can still sign up for the waiting list.

If any of the first 100 invitees fail to register by 9am EST on Tuesday I’ll be extending the same invitation to everyone on the waiting list.

The Price

VIP Memberships will start at $297/yr.

Yes, for less than the cost of a single college credit, you can get an entire year of education from the world’s foremost WordPress experts. That’s less than you would spend on a flight, or even a hotel room, when traveling to any WordCamp event – and those are only a single weekend!

How good is this offer? Well, let’s do some quick math.

At the rate of attending one $30 session per month, you’re already saving $63 per year. If you choose to attend both sessions each month, you’re saving $423 per year!

This doesn’t even factor in the many different benefits like your ability to download every video, watch all past sessions (a rolling $300 value), and all of the additional content that is VIP exclusive (in-depth courses, speaker video interviews, discounts to other WP shops, etc).

The Savings

All told, a VIP Membership contains approximately $1440 worth of priceable goods. At $297/yr, that’s already an 80% discount.

Early adopters won’t be paying $297, though. This week only, I’m introducing VIP Memberships at $247/yr, an immediate $50 savings to all of you amazing people ready to journey with me.

If you’re among the lucky group of people on on my invitation and waiting list, your price is even lower.

The first 100 people to register from either the invitation or waiting list will receive an additional $50 discount, bringing their grand total down to $197. That’s a full $100 off!

How do I register!?

Registration is currently by invitation only. You can request an invitation by clicking the banner below.