Introducing the New VIP Program: Level Up Your WordPress

Update 2014-07-05: The VIP Invitation list is now full, but you can join the waiting list to be invited as soon as space is available by using the same registration form, linked below.

For months I’ve been coordinating, planning, and building the “next big thing” for WPSessions. Today I’m thrilled to share it with you: WPSessions VIP.


I’ve grown tremendously as a developer in the past year – real, measurable, meaningful growth – much of it thanks to WPSessions instructors. WPSessions has budded into an incredible resource, not only for myself but for hundreds of others, too. I alluded to all of these things, plus the hint of more to come, in my Year in Review post a couple weeks back.

What is WPSessions VIP?

You can read all about the perks of being a VIP member on the VIP announcement page, but here’s the tl; dr version:

  • Access to all sessions – past, present, and future – for as long as you remain a member.
  • Access to all-new long-form courses – Pre-recorded, deep dives into specific WordPress topics (e.g. “Writing Your First WordPress Plugin”, “Understanding and Leveraging Caching”, “Building a Portfolio Site”, etc.).
  • Consistent New Content – Last year I committed to add 12 new sessions, we’re already at 8 this year and we’ve only just begun! I’ll continue to add live sessions and pre-recorded courses every month to the benefit of us all.
  • Downloadable Videos – Take the entirety of the WPS library wherever you go, even if you’re going – gasp – offline!
  • Exclusive Speaker Interviews – Watch and learn great behind-the-scenes details from many of the experts who present on WPS (and even some who haven’t, yet).
  • Member-only Discounts – Save bundles of money on quality products and services from companies you know and love
  • Better Affiliate Payout – VIP members will earn a 30% commission, instead of the standard 20%, on the affiliate program we just announced.
  • Community Forum – Discuss the sessions, courses, tricky project issues, whatever you have going on (note that StackExchange is an excellent place for WP-specific coding problems).

As you can see, the new program includes a ton of new benefits. Prices will be announced soon, and those on the invitation list will get the best deal.

Available by Invitation Only, with a discount

In order to provide the best possible experience and level of attention for VIP members, I’m limiting the registration to invitation only.

The first 100 people to register for the invitation list will also receive a nice discount towards their membership.

I’ll begin sending invitations early next week, so you have until Friday to get on the invitation list.

Is WPSessions VIP for you?

I know this program sounds pretty incredible, and I truly believe it is, but it’s not for everyone.

There are a lot of people looking to “become a WordPress expert in 24 hours”, and this isn’t going to do that (honestly, nothing can do that, and anyone who says differently is selling you lies). There are even more people looking to become incredible developers without putting in the necessary work. The VIP program isn’t for them.

The VIP program is for people who are serious about improving their skills, who understand that it’s only through determination and hard work that they will see measurable progress, and who choose to press forward because they know it’s worth it – both for themselves, and for their career. WPSessions VIP enables that process to happen faster, more thoroughly, and with a higher quality of mentor than you’ll find anywhere else.

I’m not selling some kind of magical shortcut here. I’m selling the right answers from the hard-won experience of other expert developers. It will help you to learn faster, but you need to put in the time to soak in these experiences and shared knowledge, and maximize your return on investing in yourself.

Request an invitation today

You can read all about the new VIP Program using the link below. Thank you for believing in WPSessions, and I truly hope I can help you be empowered by WordPress.